EMEA Suppliers: Visit http://cbre.globalrms.com/emea/ to enroll or renew in the CBRE Global Vendor Screening Program.

Welcome to the CBRE Vendor Screening Program

In an effort to strengthen our company's risk management program and ensure that we are in compliance with federally mandated laws and regulations, CBRE/GCS has implemented a Global Supplier Screening and Certificate of Insurance Management Program as part of our risk management policy.

We now require all current or potential service vendors who conduct business with our company to enroll and complete the screening process through our partner, Global Risk Management Solutions (GRMS), in order to become "approved vendors" for CBRE.

CBRE's Vendor Screening Program is designed to streamline the collection and management of key information regarding the regulatory and compliance status as well as business operations of our vendors and suppliers.

  • All current and potential CBRE service vendors must enroll in the Vendor Screening Program and pass CBRE's screening criteria
  • There is a non-refundable $225 USD annual enrollment fee associated with the program for US and Canadian vendors.
  • You will be able to view the results of the background screening and have the opportunity to correct any incorrect information.
  • Failure to enroll and become compliant may result in the discontinuation of your company's services by your client.
  • If you have previously enrolled with another CBRE client through this method, you must complete the COI screening process for that client account at no cost to be included as an approved vendor for this client. Be sure to use the same EIN number that was used in the previous enrollment. This is the key to eliminating duplication. You should have received a url to the client account website in a subsequent letter or email.
  • Samples of the required documents and insurance limits can be found here.
  • You will need to reference the Client Enrollment Code that was included in the letter or email that you received. Please contact support if you cannot locate the code.

Successful completion of this process will result in your company being added to the new CBRE/GCS Approved Vendor List. This list will be available for all GCS accounts to view. In the near future, only vendors included on this list will be eligible for work on GCS client accounts. This will provide your company with the visibility across GCS accounts that many of our vendors have been requesting. Please be sure to keep the information on your GRMS account updated to insure we can contact the appropriate people and that our client account teams can determine your geographic availability and service capabilities.

How Do I Enroll

The enrollment process is web-based, easy, and available to you today. Start the process by clicking the button below. Once the enrollment form is completed, you will be presented with a payment screen. After your payment has been processed, you will receive a receipt via email and login credentials in a separate email within 24 hours.

Already enrolled? Click Here to Renew

If you have previously enrolled or believe that you have been contacted in error, please submit your request at http://www.GlobalRMS.com/removal and you will no longer be contacted.